This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) sets forth the terms and conditions for the usage of services. For the purpose of this Policy, (“ContourHost”, “we”, “us”, “our”) refers to ContourHost and its affiliates (the “Services”) and its websites. (“you”, “your”, “customer”) refers to you, the user of our services, or any entity, organisation, company or person authorised to act on your behalf.

The examples named in this list are non-exclusive. ContourHost reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time, effective immediately when posted on the website. By accessing the site or using of our services, you agree to the latest version of this Policy.

ContourHost reserves the right to deny to provide service to anyone. Failure to respond in timely manner to our emails for abuse as specified in our email and maximum 48 hours may result in suspension or termination of your service.

1.0 Resource Abuse

1.1 Your service shall not be used for any activity, intentional or otherwise, that consumes enough server resources to negativly effect the performance of the server or affect other clients or websites on the server. Use of your service shall not endanger the operation of the server.

1.2 You and Your service shall not:

  • run stand-alone, unattached server side processes or daemons
  • violate Indian, Germany, and London laws
  • host any any malicious content, intentionally or otherwise.
  • run or participate in any P2P (peer-to-peer) activities

2.0 Emails and Anti-spam policy

2.1 We (“ContourHost”) take spam issues very seriously and take zero tolerance against usage of our service for performing any activity which can be termed as SPAM, intentionally or otherwise. It includes any email-based communications sent without the consent of the recepient and sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. 

2.2 Any complaint we (“ContourHost”) receive about a violation of our policy or the preceding two points will be taken very seriously and will result in immediate account cancellation without a refund.

2.3 ContourHost reserves all rights to suspend or terminate the service which is detected to be sending spam. 

2.4 ContourHost reserves all rights to charge the account holder of the service sending spam a fee for damages occured to compensate us for increased administration costs and expenses of redressing SPAM-related activity.

2.5 We (“ContourHost”) also prohibit the following activities strictly:

  • Forgery of e-mail headers (“spoofing”)
  • Using your service to allow and process third-party emails
  • Any activity which violates CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

3.0 Unacceptable Content or Material

3.1 You are not permitted to host any content which may negatively affect the user or any other person, organisation and anyone.

3.2 You are not permitted to host any material or content which promotes any kind of spam, violence, gambling, torrent portals or any other illegal activity.

3.3 You service shall not be used to distribute or contain nudity, pornography, hatred content towards any religion, social or ethnic group and programs which may negatively damange or affect the operation of anyone’s property such as malwares, Trogan horse, worms, viruses. 

3.4 Any activity, content or material which violates the laws of any federal, state or local government in concern is also strictly prohibited.

4.0 Resources Usage Policy

4.1 Your services including any hosting package may not:

  • Use more than 25% of the total resources alloted to the service. It includes, but not limited to, CPU time and Memory.
  • We allow burst of the resources for no longer than 120 seconds in any given week (7 days). 
  • Any given service cannot have any cron with interval less than 15 minutes.
  • Any given service and database can not generate more than 1% of slow queries for any given day (Queries which run for more than 1 second are considered slow).
  • Usage of your service shall not affect the global performance of the service including, but not limited to, regular backups, I/O wait or any service related issue.

4.2 Disk and Traffic usage policy:

  • All the disk and traffic alloted to a service is solely for serving traffic over the internet. Usage of disk and traffic for any other activity other than this is prohibited. It includes, but not limited to, making backups or storing data other than application hosted.
  • The one and only exception to this our disk policy is storing single backup of the same cPanel service.


5.0 Backup Policy and Limitations

5.1 We (“ContourHost”) provide daily backup services for our Shared Hosting Services (“Mini Plans”, “Professional Plans”, “Power Plans”) but are shall not be held responsible for these services. Customer must acknowledge that our backup service has limitations, both technical and economical.

5.2 Customers are resposible for keeping backup their data and ensuring regular maintainance. Backup of a service may fail due to various technical problems and we hold no responsibility for it.

5.3 To be eligible for backup service, an account or service must not have more than 25G disk usage and/or more than 200,000 inodes. Customer can discuss the fee or charge for any service exceeding this limitation to be eligible for backups.

Date Modified – 07-10-2018

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